Today we were setting up the exhibition space on the bottom floor of the Alexon Building, this was a great chance to work together and plan a space that allowed our work to interact with eachothers and flow nicely. First we got down to some DIY and filled the holes in the walls, gave them 2 coats of paint and started arranging the boards around the room, we had to ensure there was enough wall and table space for the 9 of us and 3 Advertising and Design students who would be sharing the space with us. We also set up tables using the boards and some wooden box frames, this looked quite contemporary and interesting , so we set up 3 of them and decided this is where we would put our portfolios and research books. This is also where we will put out work for marking, some of us have decided to use big drawers from upstairs to store the work for marking in but this is not part of the exhibition composition.

I decided to put my book on one of the wooden boxes, the wood was a nice contrast with the black and white and i used a taller one for the book and a smaller one next to it to display some of the props from the book. At first i was just going to have this on show but decided it looked a little bare, so i then played around with putting props on the wall but then this looked overcrowded. It eventually has ended up being a paper chandelier i have created in the same style as the  book illustrations which i think works nicely in tying it all together, the paper stairs with the characters descending down them to the table where the book is, i think this adds a nice narrative as if the characters are returning to the book.

below are some images of setting up the exhibition, my work is next to heathers which we thought might work because the majority of her work is also black and white, therefore it won’t clash with eachothers. Also she is setting up an office space set, and so we both have 3D work to show.

11351198_10155715741650151_6671201490753152613_n 11168186_10155715741520151_7020037491388272401_n



i did like just the two pieces on their own, but it seems a shame to hide away the rest of the props from the story and i think its important to my concept to show the female characters, i also positioned the female characters higher in my exhibition space than the males to show a heirarchy of importance to the storyline.


19398_10155715741130151_7217520789262473537_n 1978673_10155715741080151_8576387140141022592_n

i tried out adding different props but it looked too all over the place and slapdash, but i really liked the idea of the stairs connecting to the table where the book is, and connecting the characters back to their story.

11010603_10155715741005151_640546403903010848_n 11350551_10155715740955151_2772253325754130928_n  11377392_10155715740630151_139828251737425648_n

I will next add the larger ink piece, the chandelier in the same style, i think this will be a nice touch and create a narrative within the exhibition space itself, taking the reader into the story more. I went onto create a larger scale paper piece to tie in my exhibition space and provide something eyecatching that would hopefully entice people to come and read my book, there is a chandelier that i created earlier in the project which didn’t get used and as i still liked it i made a larger life size version to accompany my display:

11258327_10155718901930151_3942219804703227196_n 11390053_10155718901155151_235616623894528728_n 11377371_10155718899230151_9020661932347222697_n 1525159_10155718898985151_7577408266918207822_n 11391427_10155718898295151_5818709486656510319_n 10419472_10155718897950151_5018682194250070978_n 11109669_10155718897595151_5994569408548288700_n 11018345_10155718897280151_7140670710057991587_n

to tie this all together and keep the space consistent i replicated patterns from the props on display onto this piece, it was really fun to make and i used fishing wire to suspend it from the ceiling 🙂 i would prefer it to be a bit less flimsy but this is the nature of paper and i do think it looks surreal and interesting like the world within the book,

I also put some postcards out on display, this is for the marking process but i hope to sell them at the shop during the exhibition 🙂


Finally i have now put all of my practical work for hand in, in a large drawer infront of the space- this will not be present during the exhibition but is needed for the marking process.


Overall i am pleased with the set up 🙂 i think i would like a book stand though to make my book easier to read and more visible from a distance so i will look into this for the final exhibition set up


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