Over this term i have been creating and completing my promotional materials, based upon my research upon other practitioners and their websites/ social media accounts and information from themselves ( Such as Alice Bowsher & members of the Niles Collective who were kind enough to give me some tips) The promotional materials both digital & physical that i have created include:

A portfolio website- including an embedded video of my animation and specially designed banner/ contact/ about pages. This is one of the best promotional pieces that i have created because it looks clean, simple and does the job of letting my work speak for itself whilst still having a distinct style that compliments the work on show.

Promotional Postcards- i decided against business cards because alot of my imagery this year is high resolution photography; its wasted on a small business card and should be viewed at a larger size, i will try and sell some of these postcards in the exhibition and others i will use to post out to potential clients/ employers. These feature some final illustrations for my FMP ( the most striking ones) and contact information such as website, email address and instagram

Instagram- now this was an important one, easy to start but hard to maintain, its a very competitive world on that image sharing social media platform and i am still working on building a following but it allows me to share more in progress and less formal work and hopefully get a personal relationship going with the public relating to my work.

Tumblr- this one i really enjoy, much like instagram its image based sharing and i was able to customize my tumblr to reflect my website theme, so that i am having consistency run through my “brand” as it were. I also like the informality of it.

Physical portfolio- this is the A3 folder that i will trudge around london with fighting my way into art directors offices, alot of thought went into designing this to be just as clean cut and simple as my website. I do prefer my website, but i understand that this is an important part of getting into the industry- it may be something i try to edit quite regularly as my work progresses.

Society 6- i wanted to start an online shop, but as i am new to the idea Society 6 allows me to submit the artwork and claim a profit, i would like to look into specific products and suppliers though and start a more independent shop where i am in charge of overheads and profits as opposed to a third party organisation.

CV- this one also reflects my “brand identity” with a matching header to the website, tumblr and society 6. It simply states my experience both creative and otherwise, i can’t imagine it will be regularly used but there is a link to it on my website to download it as a PDF none the less.


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