My creative process has undergone enormous change this year, and i am relieved that it has because previously i had been a stickler for prior planning and sticking to an idea. This year has been completely turned on its head for the better, especially in the second half of my FMP. In the first half, during the process of creating the Alice in Wonderland images, i had drawn detailed designs and intended to follow them through, whilst very prepared, this was a boring and laborious process which i didn’t find very creative. It became more experimental when it came to making the sets themselves, and it was by chance i discovered that i really liked working with ink and creating 2D/ 3D illustrative forms from it. It was this hands on process of throwing the design out of the window and getting down to business with my hands that spontaneos and exciting ideas began to happen. The rabbit hole for example, was meticulously planned to be made from wood and was laser cut, but when i sat down to create the scene i began experimenting with combining it with ink painted textures and patterns, and found they were more successful alone than the laser cut pieces. I am very glad that this experimentation took place, because although my Alice in Wonderland images were not as successful as now i feel they could have been; this has shaped how the second part of my FMP was formed that has turned out really well.  During the second half of my FMP- i have really enjoyed creating my feminist influenced adaptation of the 12 Dancing Princesses, its helped me to combine an issue i am very passionate about, with a style of working that i really enjoy. Creating the illustrations for the 12 Dancing Princesses has been the most experimental and exciting creative project i have undertaken to date, because there are NO formally drawn designs! instead i brainstormed ideas for the scenes, made them and decided what worked there and then in the photographic studio whilst taking the photo’s. If something didn’t work, i took it out, if i had an idea half way through a shoot i stopped and made it there and then ( thank god for the quick drying indian ink).  And if anything didn’t look right the first time, i went back and shot the images again in a different way, it was this spontaneous and fun method of creating that helped me breath some life into my illustrations and create with a concept of feminism in mind as opposed to following a narrative to the letter. I became more proficient in photograph through practicing and enjoying my time in the studio, and became much more experimental and braver with my work, be this by creating 3D paper illustrations of things i’d never considered before ( first time i’d made a worked paper wardrobe) or cropping photographs and editing them in more outrageous ways than i would have previously.

To sum up, this year i threw away my rule book of design. I stopped drawing and started doing, and its the best thing thats ever happened to my practice because i’ve found a way of working that i like and really want to carry on with. Because i can change it on the spot, without worrying about going through the rigmaroll of drawing another 3-4 detailed designs and just go with the idea and see what happens. I most enjoyed my last studio session for this project, where i was creating an underwater scene and on the spot decided to paint some underwater plants and fish and add them in, and it felt so freeing to think that no planning was needed, my idea was worth trying.


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