I have added some more to my website including a page where my CV will be available ( this may be taken down when marking is over and replaced with a download link to a PDF of my CV) and it now shows my RSA animation too 🙂 I have included a selection of FMP & RSA images on my online portfolio as i think these best reflect the direction my work is going in and what i wish to continue creating. There is little point advertising work that i no longer enjoy making but i feel where its going at the moment has much more to offer. I like how the cover photo looks and is now properly centred and the “back to top” button allows for a user friendly feel because they dont have to scroll all the way back to the top after viewing the images. The images are all set to 300dpi and in a large format because this looks more eye catching than smaller thumbnail images and i have kept written information to a minimum. This instead can be found on the Contact/ About page for those who are interested. The social media and shop are now all successfully redirected so when you click on one of these buttons it automatically takes you to the separate webpage.  The cv links directly to a PDF 🙂

below are some screenshots of my website: meg-cox.co.uk

animation ebsite website1 websitepdf


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