My previous CV didn’t really reflect where my illustration work is going or its current themes/ ideas, it had a simple logo but now i have created a new logo i decided that my header image from my website with my name written loosely in ink underneath, is going to be a form of branding for my current work. Therefore i have used it across platforms so that my brand is consistent, this header is the same for my Tumblr, Society 6 Shop, Postcards and now is the header for my CV also. I think this consistency is important especially when starting it, it helps you become recognizable across platforms. I’ve simplified my CV content, removing some fluff and overly descriptive parts, because i want to be hired for my work really and not for what embellishment i can add to my CV. I understand that in the industry of freelancing, a CV is not the first point of call for self promotion, thats why it is mainly to be used as a director to my webpage portfolio, or when applying for other non directly related jobs, such as those in education perhaps (although not many of these accept CV’s anyway)



i think also having less information on there makes it less cluttered and more to the point


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