My work has been recorded quite differently to how i normally would this year, i have had a small sketchbook but instead of using it for sketches i have been brainstorming scene ideas and been using it as a method of recording concept ideas/ story draft changes and other mind maps.

Also this year my development tool has been a notebook that has followed me to each studio session and each image that i took has been annotated with information about that session such as:

  • lighting difficulties
  • composition ideas / changes
  • new cropping/ close up ideas
  • lighting experiments
  • ideas that come to me during the shoot about new scenes/ uses for imagery
  • what went well/ what didn’t
  • second shoots of some scenes, taken because the first were not successful
  • cropping ideas ( drawn on images)

It’s been a pleasent change improvising and experimenting, as opposed to following a strict design, instead each time i have just gone into the studio with some props i’ve made and an idea, and then others ideas have sprung from it and happy accidents have happened. Also if i’ve thought of an idea in the studio that needed a different prop or illustration i just took the ink in with me and made it the same day. I have 3 notebooks in total full of photographs, these are a selection of images that were taken, there were thousands but these are the ones that showed development and interesting results.

I have scanned in pages from the notebooks, but the rest you can see in there 🙂

11351284_10155716039500151_3043257913732044851_n (1) 11047872_10155716039625151_7236358369972581456_n (1) 11059613_10155716039675151_5190305554442199737_n (1) 11222240_10155716037915151_2355638471821338258_n 11295772_10155716037960151_2136461980638218767_n 11235811_10155716038090151_5783885117235649344_n 10411826_10155716038215151_4168884281846302501_n 11351490_10155716038290151_4132729655595862059_n 10421228_10155716038390151_5805303630824668114_n 11078129_10155716038585151_1636611427168681223_n 11227916_10155716038735151_4384088943984626105_n 11228038_10155716038785151_3121459130286429049_n 1453551_10155716038875151_1090067890351530025_n 11350575_10155716039195151_3063881002804439925_n 11147872_10155716039255151_6251026433403328539_n 11256983_10155716039405151_2895169303658445436_n 11351284_10155716039500151_3043257913732044851_n 11047872_10155716039625151_7236358369972581456_n 11059613_10155716039675151_5190305554442199737_n 11377216_10155716019215151_2220907354007834712_n 11262324_10155716019310151_5406101062118427676_n 11053611_10155716019530151_3796263137095900335_n 11133785_10155716019680151_2530106500794405300_n 11118623_10155716019740151_4152816980281276202_n 11147844_10155716019910151_5458014796443601187_n 11050209_10155716019990151_803008288183003629_n 10410103_10155716020105151_8227496574628697883_n 11018798_10155716020170151_8981208859098666949_n 10426095_10155716020285151_2456109749863064126_n 22799_10155716020410151_8664121167101585612_n


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