My physical amount of work this year is very different, because i have a big drawer with props and inky experiments but this year i employed a new practice that was more experimental and spontaneous, i did very little prior design work and instead i brainstormed ideas and then made them and tried them out in the studio. if something didn’t work i went back and re did it, added things and removed them and i found this method of workign really loosens me up. I used to be a stickler for prior planning and detailed designs but i’ve found this year that constraining myself to sketchbook work only help me back, when all i really wanted to do was get my hands dirty and make things. So this year i will be handing in:


  • a big drawer containing props, hand made pieces and characters
  • several notebooks containing all of my photographs, annotated and written up with what worked/ what didnt
  • a small sketchbook- but used for brainstorming as opposed to design work
  • a research book
  • my online learning journal ( this blog) that contains all my research, write ups and more formal representation of my experiments
  • dummy books created

Present & Promote:

  • RSA Storyboards
  • RSA photography experiments and annotations
  • Blog entries detailing ideas, crits and production/ editing process
  • The information i submitted to the RSA competition
  • Portfolio Folder (physical)
  • promotional postcards
  • all research detailed online
  • Website with social media links/ CV/ Webshop/ RSA Animation

This year the majority of my work has been hands on or written on my blog đŸ™‚ which has worked much better for me because ive spent less time dithering over whether designs looked right, and just tried them out instead and this experimental approach is how i’ve found i create the best work.



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