For present & promote part of my promotional materials are going to be postcards, i chose these as opposed to business cards for several reasons:

  • my images are large high res photographs, i think viewing them at such a small size would not have a great impact, whereas a postcard size allows more detail to be viewed and at a higher quality, which is important because its the images i am trying to publiscize
  • i also chose postcards because they are more likely to not get lost,  business cards are again small and disposable but if you like a postcard you receive, your more likely to keep it
  • i can post these easily to potential clients, also because they dont need an envelope your image is the first thing seen and will hopefully catch their eye in amongst all the plain white envelopes
  • i think postcards are more contemporary an idea, business cards seem a bit old fashioned, they of course have their uses but i think this particular industry could benefit from larger imagery

I chose MOO for my postcards, they have a high standard of paper quality and you can choose a matte finish. Also with moo you can have up to 10 different back images in a pack of postcards so this way i can have a pack with lots of different designs so that i can send specific ones to specific clients depending on which i think they will find interesting.

I also put my logo and contact info on the back of a postcard, it being bigger also makes it more accessible and easy to read.

The postcards have arrived, i ordered a pack of 50 to start with because i wasn’t sure how my images would look on their paper. I am slightly disappointed with the quality of the blacks in some of the more dark heavy images, so if i were to get them printed again i would try somewhere else perhaps or print them myself.

below are some images of the postcards, they will be available to buy in the shop during the exhibition and i will post some out to employers and art directors 🙂

10494588_10155715776045151_2045694793589017250_n 11058488_10155715775745151_1382539805558559731_n 11330025_10155715775680151_774373556536034621_n 10408840_10155715775325151_4078156144918719274_n 63459_10155715775225151_6266204764211412601_n 10985399_10155715775155151_4274885399853356620_n 18022_10155715774975151_8316975811305082082_n


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