This week i printed a smaller version of my book on the paper i bought from Shepherds, here i discovered there was a problem with show through on the darker images but this was rectified by the decision to do french fold binding instead. This actually looked quite nice, and i think it solved the problem without having to change the paper stock, as the colour of the paper works really well with my images.


this is the pages french folded, it didn’t make them feel overly thick too which i was initially concerned about. I think if i were to remake the book i would hide little illustrations in between some of the pages.

11240771_10155717251250151_5195511065681166599_n 11107746_10155717251200151_166769207354804486_n 11329935_10155717251090151_1326184998880740386_n

I really loved seeing the book come together, i printed it on A3 paper and waited until it was bound to trim it off using the laser guillotine. It gave me a chance to look at the flow of the pages and see where images could use cropping and adjusting, for example i thought i would leave a small white space in between the images so that it would be caught in the bind but this did not work and some showed through, so i decided it was a better idea to have all images full bleed and lose a fraction of them in the bind. I adjusted them in Indesign so that only small non important parts of the image would get caught in the 1cm bind.

This book was bound using the perfect bound Lay Flat strips, which are the more suitable ones for digital printing. I think the heated strips would’ve held better, but i didn’t want to risk any damage to the images. I encountered some issues whilst making this dummy book:

  • some of the pages were not correctly cut ( not exactly A3) and this caused me to lose some mm of image, making the pages uneven
  • due to some pages being uneven, they didnt get caught in the bind and came loose, THIS CANNOT HAPPEN TO THE REAL BOOK
  • the cover was more difficult than expected, i used a machine in the guildford street press to score the cover and create the spine but there were no paper size measurements printed on it, so for the real one i will measure and do this by hand to ensure it fits properly
  • the white spaces either side of the images do not work so i will remove these and have them full bleed
  • i need to ensure that the paper is loaded correctly in the printer and cannot move, this is what caused some images to be printed off centre and hard to trim down

11267060_10155717251025151_5010072077500348462_n 11118618_10155717250940151_2548766045697697518_n 11008641_10155717250790151_8583029192686767410_n


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