For the online store section of my webpage, i’ve created a temporary Society 6 to see what my illustrations would look like on products like home furnishings and mugs. I like the idea of designing for 3D products since seeing Conchetta Gallo’s industry friday talk. I don’t intend on using them permanently but until i have more experience with suppliers and selling my work its a good starting point and you can set your own profit without overheads. I really like some of my illustrations ( the black and white ones) on cushions and i think some of the stills from my animation look quirky and kitschy on tote bags and mugs, i actually think the image of the deer in a graduation costume would be a really cool graduation card!

below are screenshots of my products on their page and a link to my store, i had to pay a $1 joining fee but thats acceptable 🙂

meg tumblr2 pillow tote sf cushion cushion3 deer deermug golfer curshion


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