Well i decided to get my own website created from scratch in the end, because this saved me from upgrading my cargo and paying monthly for it, when i could host my own for much less a month (£2 a month to host independently) the first page is done, and i will be creating a re-direct to my socity 6 store until my own store is up and running and i am currently working on some cool illustrated graphics for the contact page. But below are my progress images on my website, inc some of the code involved:

One of the best things about this website is that its reactive- whatever product you view it using be that phone, tablet or computer it will shrink to fit the screen, so i dont cut off half my cover image etc. This is different to the cargo collective website which although it says its optimised for mobile, it doesnt react to different screen sizes as efficiently as this does. Also i like the bar on top of this one better, it leaves everything at the top of the screen and you can continuously scroll to view the images. To save this being annoying to scroll up, and to make it more user friendly there has been a “top” button added at the bottom of the page which takes the user straight to the top image after viewing them all.

It also has links to my various social media presence’s, currently instagram and tumblr have been hyperlinked, but i will add more as my social media online presence grows to twitter and facebook but i believe i have the two most important image sharing sites covered.

website website2 website3 websitecode


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