Today i visited Albert Road Print Shop to see if they had suitable paper to print my book onto and whether they could print it for me, i was very surprised to find out they don’t print any larger than A3 which wouldnt work for my book at all. Also the paper they had was very basic printer paper, quite low quality and there was nothing like the paper i was looking for, for the cover of the book. I am trying to find a cover paper similar to a children’s book i found in waterstones called the “dawn chorus” (pictured below) i liked this paper because it has a slight texture to it and is matte, and i think if it came in a bright white or blueish white, it would suit my design quite well, a warm white would be best.


The book i found that was a good reference, came in 2 sizes, one a standard  27.5 x 0.3 x 24.6 cm and another one that was 41 cm in height which i really liked, i think this was for use in classrooms when showing the book to a large number of children at once. I am going to make my book – the main one for the exhibition at about this size.

I am going to do some test prints at the university because the printer i had originally planned on using cannot print the right size / back to back. i looked online at several printers, but none had the size required except for photo books from places such as blurb or photobox but these only came in a gloss finish or hard cover which is not suitable for my book as i’d like a modern looking matte finish with a soft cover


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