After calling round various printers and discovering that the size book i’d like to create, is very difficult to make double page spreads AND double sided, the most obvious solution is to try and print it myself 🙂 This will be a bit of trial and error, and i have decided because of this to try single sheet printing first and then to perfect bind it because this is suitable for both spreads and single sheets. Below is the youtube tutorial i’ve looked at about perfect binding:

It looks quite simple! there isn’t a book press at university though, so i’m improvising for this dummy book with using bulldog clips and heavy books or sheets of plywood to hold the pages in place. I’m going tomorrow to Shepherds in London to buy paper for my book, as also the printers i went to in Luton only had paper up to A3 in size which isn’t suitable. And i have been informed by a course mate that this shop does a huge selection so i’m looking forward to a root around, I’ll need:

20 sheets of A1 if doing DOUBLE SIDED SPREADS

or more of A2 for doing double sided single spreads 🙂

I’d like a thin matte paper for the inside and a slightly thicker paper/ thin card with a slight texture if possible, for the cover

To bind the book i will need either book binding glue, or the tutorial says several coats of pva glue could also work!

This will be a new technique for me, so i am making a smaller dummy book that i have printed at home in order to test out the binding technique.


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