Today i bound a test book in a smaller size using the binding machine in the Guildford Street Press room, Rose helped me to chose a binding strip suited to digital printing: Perfect back LF (lay flat) and we tested it out on my smaller dummy book. I think it went quite well but i have to ensure my pages line up EXACTLY for it to be a neat finish. I also need to make sure my cover fits properly, there is a machine also for scoring in that room which we tried to use to create the spine creases but there were no measurements on the machine for different sizes of paper so this proved difficult. To solve this we decided that for the final version i would print the cover a bit longer and trim the edges off if possible.

The binding machine originally asked for a narrow strip for the binding, we were going to use the TA strip which uses heat to bind instead of pressure but as there were none of these left in a narrow width we went for a pressure binding strip (the LF) i am hoping for the final book to use a heat binding strip because i think it will be a stronger hold that is necessary for the french fold method i have chosen to use in order to overcome problems with show through of darker images.

10995565_10155677129060151_6965274466277777406_n 11130164_10155677128935151_3544604813139194139_n 11255802_10155677128650151_963761078512596698_n


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