From the feedback given in the portfolio session from Rachel & Joe, i have been editing my cargo collective and bought my own domain name: meg-cox.co.uk

in order to link this to my cargo collective website i must do a re-direct, this has been explained here:http://www.wikihow.com/Redirect-a-URL

I am unsure of how to do this myself, So i am asking advice from a friend who does web design and they have offered to create me a new website entirely, i am going to try this and see what it looks like, even if i still want to use Cargocollective, i can upload their design as a template and use it on my cargo collective webpage. If i chose to have an independent website, i can get it hosted through where i bought my domain name,

I like the idea of it being built from scratch and then used as a new template on cargo collective, this way i can centre my images much more neatly, and have more control over my pages, and then it also has no cargo logo anywhere and i can insert my own web store.


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