I’ve been thinking about my promotional materials and since meeting the Niles Collective in London, they recommended postcards because they show off the image a bit more than a business card would and they don’t get lost as easily, so i’ve decided to do postcard packs, probably sets of 3-4 postcards with a paper ribbon with velcro circles encasing it, i think this would go with the style of my work and be an interesting feature. Below is a sketch of what the pack could look like with a few different ideas of what could tie round it:

I have decided to create my postcards using MOO, i used them for my business cards in year 2 and was very pleased with the quality of them, the paper is nice and thick and you can chose a matte option which works very well with my images. I’ve chosen 10 designs for the back image of the postcard, and a simple blank side with my name, and email address/website/instagram on it as methods for people to contact me. I’ve ordered a pack of 50 postcards to start with but what is also helpful with MOO is that it saves your designs and you can have them re printed easily.

below are images of what my postcards will look like:

postcard dsj


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