After seeing Joes website, i saw he had a tumblr which was full of more experimental work so i looked at other illustrators i admire like Alice Bowsher and Lisa Evans and they also have a tumblr account, they don’t post very high quality finished images there which i think is good, but the more experimental and in progress work which is updated far more regularly than their websites. I think this is a great social way of seeing what illustrators are doing, and it allows them to gain fans from a younger audience and tumblr is a very popular image based social media platform. So i decided to make one for my work, as its informal i’m going to keep it friendly and open and perhaps give myself a chance to connect more on a personal level with those viewing my work,


i decided to keep it consistent with my website- using the same banner image and logo and simple theme with large images in one column, i also added an ask me anything which is a more informal contact form , so far i’ve had a few hits on my tumblr but i am hoping this will grow as my body of work using this style expands.

here are screenshots of my tumblr:

tumblr1 tumblr2


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