Before i can decide what format, shape and size will best suit the book i am creating, i went and looked around waterstones and smiths to look at popular sizes, whether it should be hard or soft cover and tried to find a paper type i liked.

I spent a long time in waterstones because they had alot more variety and they also did classroom sized books that i really liked! These were 410 x 410 mm, they cost around £20 each and i think because of the price of this, it may be quite costly to get one printed at this size with my book. But nevertheless a large format is appealing to me because my images are high res images and when i look at the size in photoshop they are over a metre in width.

Another common size for younger children’s books, was a square format or slightly more landscape than square, of around 270 mm in height, i liked this format also and i think square would be a shape that suits my images more than a landscape format book. I also think square is more reader friendly for a younger audience, it sits in their laps without being uncomfortable, is easy to carry around and suits fairytales i think.

other sizes were:

Small Square (7.5″ x 7.5″)
Landscape (9″ x 7″)

Pocket Book (4.25″ x 6.87″)
Digest (5.5” x 8.5”) ( these were for older readers, less picture heavy books so not really appropriate for mine but good to know)

i took some images of books i liked the format of, and i found i favoured square SOFTCOVER books, i think these not only look more modern but again are more reader friendly, i think hardcover books look a bit dated, especially square children’s books in hardcover, and they arent as comfortable to read when resting on your lap.


Above is the book i actually chose as a sort of dummy for paper for my own book, i took it to albert road and to shepherds to try and find similar paper because inside was a nice thin matte paper, with no show through and the cover was slightly textured which gave a more high quality feel to it. There was also a classroom sized version of it that was really interesting and a lovely book, the illustrator is also the author and this is her first book so this gives me alot of encouragement that there is room for change in traditional paper types and sizes chosen in the children’s book industry.


11221660_10155663135465151_4470790168811233892_n 10384297_10155663135525151_1548710376794865555_n

This above is just a book i really liked, its a long landscape soft cover and the paper was a matte finish which is what i am leaning towards because i don’t think shine would benefit my black and white images. this was a really nice contemporary example of a children’s book, and contemporary is what i am aiming for in both feminist context and the illustrations.

11042692_10155663135650151_7276259775589197807_n 11209680_10155663135700151_2797057763123289458_n 11140088_10155663135785151_624546312982560369_n 11046235_10155663135820151_6784133281333247844_n 11258044_10155663135885151_6205284138034312227_n 11245499_10155663136065151_3395552411752102983_n 11221297_10155663136275151_5271122690237193671_n 10375061_10155663136630151_606522934066037137_n 10985499_10155663137405151_2638585035325249237_n 10421254_10155663137510151_7991008482992707503_n

i really liked the two above, although they are colouring books so the paper was much heavier than i would need because it was for drawing on. But they are square, soft cover with a card of thicker version of the inside paper for the cover. Ironically i also really liked these for the illustrations and i hadnt previously considered making colouring books but these are certainly inspiring examples!


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