In order to get my book printed, i have been thinking about different types of paper and looked at existing children’s books in book shops to see what is commonly used. I have seen alot of glossy thin papers used in children’s books, coated papers because these are a bit stronger and more durable but the ones i liked had matte paper because i think this looks more modern and clean. I would like a thin matte paper for my inside pages and a thicker version of the matte paper for the cover. I’d it to be a warmer tone of white as opposed to a blue-purple-ish white because i think it would suit the photographs.

I am going to go to shepherds in London (Victoria) to look at paper and i have been given some advice by Rachel about what it needs to be like:

  • suitable for double sided printing
  • 145-160 gsm
  • smooth
  • heat pressed both sides
  • not fancy textured paper- don’t be tempted!
  • 60 x 30 short grain paper
  • get slightly thicker version for cover, higher gsm
  • end papers perhaps? maybe a colour?
  • take my dummy book with me as a reference

I have contacted several printers such as :

  • Print & frame it
  • the print shop
  • The london printers
  • Xwhyzed printers
  • blurb

and lots more who all said they didnt print the size i had originally asked for (40 x 40 for a classroom sized children’s book) or 30 x 30 when i downsized, because they didnt want to go that big and double sided as it would be complicated to line up.

XwhyZed quoted £181 for one book to be printed and this seemed quite steep so the best option seemed to be printing it at the university and binding it myself using perfect binding.


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