In our last tutorial we all explained how we intended to show our final pieces and got advice from eachother on how the final pieces are going and presentation. The feedback for my dummy book was good, and Rachel gave me some ideas for printers i could use and we eventually decided after phoning and getting some quotes, that it worked out cheaper to print with the inkjet printer here at the University. We also decided it was best to shrink my book to a more printer friendly size and more of an average children’s book size of 28 x 28. She was pleased with the layout of the book as were the class but it was suggested i moved some of the type around to give bigger margins, so i did this on InDesign and set margins, the type is in different layouts throughout the pages but this is due to how the images are placed, e.g. the type is at the top of the page in the bin image because there are shoes beneath it.

This was a really good summing up tutorial preparing us for putting up the degree show next week, i am a little concerned about printing and binding because this is the first time i will have done it. But coursemates have offered to help so this will be useful to learn from them as they bind their books šŸ™‚

We will also be going through our portfolios next week so i shall now prepare an In Design file to get printed for the portfolio also.


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