Today we had a portfolio session with Rachel and Joe Cruz, Joe is the print room technician but also a successful illustrator and artist 🙂 so it was helpful to see both his and Rachels portfolios and get some ideas about what a professional portfolio entails.

The tips i picked up on portfolios were:

  • have good quality images, the printing should be good quality because showing poorly printed images won’t make your work look appealing
  • start with a strong image, and end with a strong image because these will be the most remembered images
  • infact all your images should be your best, less is more in this case so even just 10 really strong images is better than like 30 mishmashed good/ bad images- you don’t need to fill up the folder
  • not alot of text, let the image speak for itself- maybe one small sentence at the side to say what it is or where its from but not entirely necessary
  • can be split into sections e.g. editorial/ illustration/ fine art
  • good quality sleeves help, don’t use messy ones that wont show off your work
  • A3 is a good size
  • images should either be portrait or landscape- NOT MIXED
  • could show landscape images at a smaller size in situ of a portrait page
  • if image was meant to be small, e.g. to accompany a news article- keep it small because thats how it was intended
  • i can use my finished book as part of my portfolio- physical examples of products are good e.g. joe had scarves (also could be sold there and then)
  • portfolios should be CONSISTENT and work should flow, follow on from eachother
  • think of it as an art piece itself- design it properly like what works on a double page spread
  • keep it simple though, no fancy borders

We were then shown Joes and Rachels websites, and we showed our own and recieved critique

Website tips:

  • keep websites clean looking- again no fluffy stuff- should be consistent with your portfolio
  • images should be big and eye catching- not too many of them
  • continuous scrolling works well
  • liked my header image but said show just big images and dont separate projects
  • CV should be a downloadable PDF not on website though
  • contact should just be email, not a form as these are rarely used

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