Below are my edited photographs from my second session in the studio, i’ve found that in the studio and in the editing i have become more particular with this second set of images, and re taken my first set of images entirely. In the editing process i think my photoshop skills are improving and i’m now relying on the histogram to sort out the correct lighting as opposed to my previous use of autotone 😛

I’m really enjoying my time in the studio and editing the images, its given me a great amount of satisfaction to edit 41 images on tuesday and even though i’m only using a handful of them i’m really happy with some of the results, especially some of the cropping looks really interesting, and the use of black is really working because it gives some contrast to the pages to stop them looking samey.

BACK bcover bgfx cfvdfs COVER IDEA 2 dfDhds dfhds dfhfdf DFHS dthr dtrtg FGDFDS ghfdg ghgf ghjk GREY2 GREY3 GREY5 GREY6 GREY8 GREY10 GREY11 GREY13 GREY14 GREY15 GREY16 GREY67 IMG_8364 jfxjkgdjk kasjkfgd laTPAG legies princesses 4 princesses1 princesss ptgifvjn pwpkf SDFDS SSFS swda thd ukdrfv usehti2 WAS xfbsdg xfhjjfjkrdfg yfu ykyu


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