I’ve created a small version of my book on regular paper, just to get an idea for the flow and whether the type works with the image. Its not bound because i’m torn between perfect binding and stapling but below are the photos of the book pages đŸ™‚ I’m really happy with how the layouts work together, but the text needs rearranging and given strict margins and placing rules, and the 3/4 page images need shrinking to cover 1 page and a half a page exactly so that it doesn’t make inconsistency with the text margins.

I’m going to print on a large scale for the final book , like the size used in classrooms but i am pleased with how the composition looks, i now need to fix the type, add some rules like set margins and check over the spelling and grammar another time before printing.

11167858_10155665843075151_8960497758670857261_n 11265402_10155665843135151_70366584633708595_n 988556_10155665843255151_4384065928498671427_n 11295578_10155665843365151_8095987170104463284_n 10421465_10155665843435151_3575974018066218461_n 11164611_10155665843555151_4263830780644949987_n 11220145_10155665843630151_1429367260348718885_n 11255501_10155665843745151_7169574384391807784_n 11224686_10155665843815151_5750522703765339579_n 11053486_10155665843905151_3212675272195333026_n 11008573_10155665843985151_8945275969495225234_n 17640_10155665844180151_5946952828123473641_n 11062659_10155665844305151_5610262171248750567_n 11226561_10155665844365151_5990959882164378954_n 11265098_10155665844460151_275230505843798627_n 10527445_10155665844530151_531699596437138659_n 11231852_10155665844630151_3474487571499542140_n dummy2 dummy1


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