I’m making my dummy book layout on In Design, and this is one of the few times i am using this programme but its excellent for getting everything perfectly aligned and ready for print. I at first made my file with all the images in double page spreads, how they would look next to eachother. Next i then made a quick paper book splitting it into 2x 3 double page sections for the story, so that there isn’t too much paper folded together as it wouldnt bind neatly. Then using this paper version i re-arranged the pages and imagery according to the paper book, so that when i print it double sided i just have to fold the pages, slot them together in the 2 sections and bind and cover them.

Below are some screenshots of my indesign file, once it was done i saved it as a PDF – one for the inside of the book and one separate for the cover as the cover had a 1cm bigger margin on the inside to account for the spine of the book.

I have just noticed a minor error whilst creating the print screens of this file, its times like this i’m reminded how important it is to proofread! thank god its not gone to print!

I really liked how the cover especially turned out in this dummy book file, i think the inky font for the title and my name works really well and the small understated font saying “adapted and illustrated by” is just noticable enough to be ready but not enough to distract from the imagery. I am unsure whether to put anything on the back like a blurb so i will ask advice in the tutorial tomorrow.

dummy1 dummy2 dummy4 dummy5 dummy6 dummy7 dummy8 dumy3


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