Today i have been printing my book, there were several hiccups to overcome in the process of preparing my file for print. Once i had saved the In Design file as a PDF for some reason the images were printing out pixelated, at first i thought it was the paper i had bought, so i test printed on some of the universities paper and this did make it slightly less pixelated but not much. I then went through the rigmaroll of opening all of the images and checking their sizes and resolutions and eventually it became apparant that although i had saved it as a PDF for printing, the images had become unlinked and were being replaced with low quality versions. After this was changed and the images were re linked it worked much better. I ended up printing at a smaller size of 20 x 20 because this allowed for a better image quality at first, now that i know the images are fine i may re print at a larger scale if i have time.

Printing is a long process, it has taken hours to print the images to a high enough quality and i can now see why i was quoted so much. Also the paper i had bought from shepherds in london, i was assured that it could be printed both sides without show through but this was not the case when i began printing heavy black areas, so i am going to french fold bind the book in order to avoid show through, and also i think it might look quite nice because the images are of 3D sets, that the pages have this somewhat 3D element to them also.

during the printing process there were several obstacles to overcome, but now that the inside pages are printed i can fold them, measure the spine and print the cover to the right size and then use perfect binding to finish the book

.1619189_10155674288090151_2704449068005209139_n This is the first print that came out very pixelated, it turned out this was due to needing to package the indesign file with all images used in the creation of the book file. It also looked as though the paper i had bought from shepherds had a problem with show through at this stage.

11012083_10155674288315151_8250645233724779025_n 11329934_10155674288200151_1713066013455336497_n

11350635_10155674287925151_3822235727778902520_n This image shows the difference between thicker cartridge paper and the thinner matte paper i had chosen for the books inner pages, whilst the thick paper was not suitable for the purpose of the publication, it did have a sharper finish which i wish could have happened on the chosen paper.


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