Throughout my FMP i have been experimenting with paper and making lots of different props for my photographs, i have taken some progress images whilst making them and i have mainly been using indian ink, cartridge paper, a scapel and a glue gun to create a variety of 2D and 3D paper cut outs.

11255850_10155663134025151_4489477972852354806_n 1508210_10155663133960151_7426871927291121643_n 11115862_10155663134165151_7266684730999581985_n 11214181_10155663134320151_5440717079648333615_n 11110976_10155663134505151_4647950397593252935_n 11063480_10155663134570151_7192891646875676536_n IMG_8554 11146244_10155560607025151_7588861871676363369_n 11149247_10155560606595151_220885650057566243_n 11152694_10155560604975151_9223031718592107011_n 11107738_10155560608165151_2964823271888883288_n 11118367_10155560608315151_4203066032088554870_n


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