I’ve created my website using Cargo Collective, it has several professional looking templates and you can edit the CSS and HTML yourself which is great for creating a personalised page. I also like that cargo collective, is a collective of creatives and i think this is a great way of being inspired by other peoples work and there is a built in social aspect to it.

Below is my first cargo collective, i aimed to keep it simple and let the work speak for itself, this was recommended by Joe and Rachel also because anything too fancy looks a bit over the top and tacky. So i stayed away from decorative fonts, borders and patterns because this is “Fluff” when all i really need to show is my work, and how to contact me if you like it. I also aim to add in links to my various social media accounts where i will show more informal and in progress work, whereas on my webpage i will keep to around 10 images, maximum two projects because i want it be consistent.


i used a recent image from my FMP for the cover which i really liked, but the font wasn’t really working for it and also i was showing too many projects. It’s important to show only your best work, and the work you want to be hired for. Its also important to show work you enjoy doing because if you don’t enjoy it, you wont enjoy being commissioned to make more of it!

So i edited my cover image, and hand painted my name and removed the term illustration, because i shouldn’t be pigeon-holing myself into one specific creative area.


i think this looks much more successful + slick 🙂

i did start off with a Cargo Collective template that split work into projects and showed a small thumbnail of the work in a line. This looked ok but Joe suggested its better to just start with 1 big image and then scroll to view the rest, because people dont like to have to click through lots of different projects.


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