As i am going to be having my story & illustrations made into a children’s book, i went to look at existing children’s books to look at the sizes, formats, layouts and how the covers and blurb look. Also the shape of the book is important, i am considering a square format for the story which is popular among children’s books, and a larger scale book would show off the illustrations. I found an example of a book, with a matt paper cover which i really liked because it looks a higher quality than the cheaper soft cover books with shiny paper. I also like the paper inside of this book, because its a nice mid thickness, but i would prefer a less shiny feeling inside paper. The book i found is called “lost and found” by Oliver Jeffers and its quite a contemporary style children’s book in the way its illustrated and the paper types

11053564_10155630890275151_599569438540221201_n 11071150_10155630887475151_3606217019049796726_n 11162328_10155630888205151_8017332300553395943_n 11193232_10155630894720151_6208558648392103606_n 11205102_10155630890850151_1230368018529714895_n


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