Today i had a one to one with Rachel to discuss the progress of my FMP, i didnt have a sheet  but the notes i got from the tutorial were very helpful and i’m relieved that my project is going in the right direction:

  • think about what paper im going to print on- visit book shops and look at types of binding, sizes of books and types of paper for research
  • visit albert square and see about printing/ binding options
  • try some illustrations with darker areas to give some contrast
  • think about type- it could be a very small plain text/ maybe hand written in ink?
  • the ending of the story- could there be a twist in the imagery?
  • size of book- perhaps big would be nice? as children’s books are generally large
  • aiming the book at age 5-9. but don’t be so worried about dumbing things down just because its aimed at children, because adults will be reading it to them or with them most likely
  • liked the looser way of composing the images and especially the image of the shoes
  • website: working well being simply laid out, think about selection of work to show and do a re-direct with my own domain name
  • like the characters- bodies should be as shapeless as possible to aid ideas of feminism- opposing female body stereotypes+ same with faces

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