There was once a king who had 12 adventurous and clever daughters. They all slept in the same room which he locked at night to stop them getting into mischief.Though every morning he was baffled as to why their shoes were ruined? Instead of asking the girls where they went at night, he hired princes and soldiers from across the lands to find the truth. In exchange for having the choice of a princess for his wife and becoming king.
The girls were horrified by this plan, and decided to teach the men and the King a lesson. Each night one of the men would stay in the room attached to theirs in order to spy on them. Some of the men didn’t get close to finding out where the girls went, because they were given a sleeping potion in their tea.
Some men did manage to avoid the sleeping potion, and they followed the princesses through the secret door behind their bedroom mirror to the underground forest below.
Though once the girls realised the men were stumbling behind them, they tied them up in the woods and left them there.
Others made it as far as the lake where the princesses rowed themselves across to a magnificent dance hall. But these men got thrown in the lake and very wet. Whilst these men sat in the lake the princesses went to dance.
Now the princesses were very clever and no man discovered their secret, and they kept going out dancing and having a wonderful time each night.
But the king was getting worried about why all of the men he hired were disappearing. One man escaped from the forest and ran to the king telling of the strength and cunning of the princesses. But did not want to marry a princess after being tied up and left the kingdom.
The girls overheard this and were very pleased, as they didn’t want to marry a prince. But they did not approve of the king sending so many men to bother them when he could have just asked what they were doing.
The girls decided now to teach the king a lesson , they actually thought perhaps someone so sneaky shouldn’t be running their kingdom.
The girls packed the kings bags, booked a flight and gave him some of the left over sleeping potion.
The king woke up in Sunny Spain in a lovely retirement apartment with a golf course, thinking actually his daughters were much cleverer than the potential kings he has seen recently.
And back in the kingdom, there were 12 new rulers who had no problems running the country….
And still partying late into the night.

Adapted/ written by megan cox


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