This week i got into the studio to take images of my first 3 illustrations for the adaptation of “The 12 Dancing Princesses” i was really excited to get started and spent at least the first hour setting up lights and the backdrop in order to get a nice clean background for my images. I decided to shoot them against a white backdrop because it would make the black ink lines really stand out. I found it much more fiddly taking the pictures than i had expected, as there was a lot of lighting adjustments involved and i probably couldve benefitted from having a photographer take the images for me, i did ask a photography student for advice who adjusted the depth of field for me from 11 to 9.5 which seemed to solve alot of problems with blurryness. I took hundreds of images today and it was ironically the last 20 or so that i took that i really liked. I had intended for one of the scenes to use the invisible thread Nicolo said would be in the studio, to suspend the princesses from above and take images of their legs to represent the dancing scene, but i could not locate the thread on the day but when i laid the princesses down on the backdrop and took images, i found i really liked them and well, happy accidents 🙂

Below are a selection of my unedited images, i really enjoyed my studio time ( even if i did find it difficult to get the lighting right for the majority of the day, but i think this will improve the more often i use the equipment) I am now onto the editing process and will insert my images into a digital dummy book with the story to see how it looks!

when taking photos of the first scene, the 12 beds i found it hard to get them all in one shot due to the size of them and the size of the backdrop, i kept getting gaps round the outside if i were to fit all the beds in. I tried taking the image from above which worked better, but i prefer these illustrations to be from eye level so that it feels the reader is part of the story,and involved in the environment. i actually really preferred the close up images that didnt show all of the beds, they looked more interesting. these beds also created alot of shadows due to their headboards which took alot of light fiddling to make them look less strong and dominant. i really like the addition of the mirror though because this ties in later in the story, and it makes the room look more like an actual scene.

_MG_7556 (1) _MG_7560_2 _MG_7564 _MG_7565 (1) _MG_7572_2 _MG_7574 2 _MG_7583 _MG_7640_2 _MG_7644_2 _MG_7660_2


_MG_7597 _MG_7598 (1) _MG_7601_2 _MG_7609 (1) _MG_7610_2 _MG_7625 _MG_7626 2

I took more images of the beds and i definitely prefer the close ups!

_MG_7695_2 _MG_7692 _MG_7690 _MG_7688 _MG_7665_2 _MG_7670 _MG_7671 _MG_7672_2 _MG_7678 _MG_7696 2

these are the second scene : i think again that the closer images are more successful (these are all unedited)

this third set of images are my favorite so far , they are not what i had imagined at all to show the princesses dancing/ enjoying themselves but i really like how some of them have turned out 🙂

_MG_7698 (1) _MG_7698 _MG_7701 _MG_7702 (1) _MG_7703 _MG_7705 _MG_7706 (1) _MG_7706 _MG_7711 (1) _MG_7712 (1) _MG_7713 2 _MG_7714 _MG_7715 (1) _MG_7717 _MG_7718 (1) _MG_7719 _MG_7721 _MG_7723 _MG_7726 (1) _MG_7729 (1) _MG_7731 (1) _MG_7732 _MG_7737 2 _MG_7738 2 _MG_7738 _MG_7740 2 _MG_7740 _MG_7741 _MG_7742 2 _MG_7743 2 _MG_7744


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