I have edited several versions of the images below, the editing has not needed much though just a bit of brightening and changing the exposure here and there, there are some that i’d like to retake because now i have seen them larger on the screen the shadows look a bit strong in some images. But so far i’m pleased with the progress of these images and in the next post i shall put them into possible dummy pages to see how they work as illustrations for my book. I wasn’t intending on having characters feature heavily in this stories illustrations but i have found i really like the princess illustrations, i have deliberately drawn them in a rough loose style to contradict the common princess imagery viewed in childrens books with small waists and excessively feminine made up faces, my version of them they are all different for one, and they have real childlike expressions of excitement for the dancing scene, its not poised or graceful but loose, youthful and fun i hope 🙂

I think a combination of images like this, some 3D scenes and some 2D cut outs placed on flat backgrounds could look quite nice but il ask Rachel and my peers for their opinions on the images.

closeup bed

beds1 beds2 legs princess shoes princesses 4 princesses 5 princesses1 princesses2 princesses5 shoes1 shoes2 shoes3 shoes4


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