Today we a critique with members of Graphics and Advertising design, this was a great opportunity for us to see what other disciplines are doing and for us to offer eachother advice or critique and get other disciplines perspectives on our final major projects. We each put up our work on the wall and we round taking notes on eachothers work. We did this for a while and then each person had to the chance to explain their projects and we could ask questions and offer advice / ideas.

Below is what i put up for the crit:

11209354_10155618813755151_4168313851533047185_n 11203207_10155618813625151_8022749595356985651_n 11174998_10155618813495151_7552144789661871076_n 11046469_10155618813705151_8891037048308926368_n 11118266_10155618813445151_1312238195287304542_n 10982236_10155618813225151_4464091948345036591_n

i put up a selection of both my 2D finished images, storyboarding monoprints, 3D illustrative pieces i had created and my first dummy book. I was quite pleased with the display of work and i think it explained some of my project well, whereas the feminism inspired side of it required my explanation.

The advice/ critique i received was as follows:

  • dont be afraid to offend people by making your story too gory/ strongly feminist because its better to shock people rather than have them be indifferent towards it
  • make the elements of feminism stronger in your work
  • perhaps consider pop ups ( not keen on this idea)
  • liked the style- creating 3D objects that look drawn in a 2D style
  • going in the right direction, but need to edit the story to make it as strong as the opinions in my essay
  • asked to look at the cabinet of Dr Calligari for reference
  • the story i have chosen was not well known among my peers, i think this is good because it gives me more freedom to change it

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