I have been working on a feminist adaptation of the “12 Dancing Princesses” but i have been so wrapped up in creating 3D experiments, that i haven’t paid enough attention to the meaning of the story i am telling and my adaptation of it. After the critique i have been empowered to take a more risky approach to the story than keeping it child friendly. Its time for shock and awe, because a bad reaction is better than no reaction 🙂 Below is the first draft of my more feminist inspired story that i am going to illustrate with my 3D pieces, its very demure on the first try because it is quite challenging to write in this way.

There was once a king who had 12 daughters; they all shared a bedroom which was very strange because it was a big castle they lived in. Every morning the king would be baffled as to why the girls were tired and had ruined their shoes, their room was locked so where were they going?

The girls were fun, intelligent and adventurous and it was the adventures they were having that were causing them to go through so many pairs of shoes.  The king made the grand mistake of instead of asking his daughters how they wore out their shoes, he hired men to find out where they went and if one of them were to discover the secret; he could chose a princess to marry and one day be king.

The girls heard of this dreadful scheme and decided to teach their father a lesson, and the men who thought they could just walk in and marry one of them were also going to be punished for their ignorance. Each time the king hired a new prince or soldier, one of the girls would offer him a hot drink before bedtime that was poisoned with sleeping potion. So each morning the man awoke with no idea where the girls had been, he would be fired by the king and another would take his place. And the girls would continue having their adventures.

One man that proved more trouble than the others was informed by an elderly cook in the castle that the girls had been putting sleeping potion in their drinks and not to take what they offered him. When one of the girls came and offered him the drink, he tipped it into a nearby plant and pretended to be asleep.  He put on a magical cloak that made him invisible, and followed the girls into their room where he saw the eldest open a door behind the mirror.

The door led to some stairs and down the stairs was a wondrous place, a forest path leading to a beautiful lake. Across this lake was a magnificent atrium that was buzzing with the sound of laughter, music and dancing. The man was following the girls as they ran excitedly through the trees, and to the lake where each girl got into a boat and rowed herself across to the dance hall. Now the man had got into a boat with the eldest princess, thinking she wouldn’t notice the extra weight but she did. Once she was aware of someone’s presence in the boat he was filled with shock as she shoved at the “air” very hard and he was toppled from the boat! Cloak floating away he was flailing in the water and the princesses watched as he spluttered and splashed. They pulled him from the water and tied him to the docks where they tied the boats, they were very annoyed at the man for getting so far but it wasn’t going to spoil their fun. There he sat wet and uncomfortable as the girls danced the night away with other princesses from all over the kingdom, and when they were done they put him in a boat and rowed him back. He received a strong telling off from all of the girls, how dare he ruin their fun for his own selfish gain?

The princesses had had enough, not only was their father being controlling but now he was sending strange men into their midst and they were not going to give up their freedom so easily. Once back above ground they put the man in the dungeon and went to their father.  He also ended up in the dungeon and the girls went back to their party. They did let both men out eventually, but only when they had truly learned their lesson and no longer attempted to control them.



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