I saw this magazine at Pick Me Up London, and it was wrapped in plastic (ironic pun) so i didn’t get a chance to look inside but the cover looked really interesting so i have since been on their website and found that its a really hip new illustration magazine, they currently have 10 issues and i am thinking of taking the advice i recieved from Alice Bowsher and writing to them with some work, because they are quite new perhaps they are looking for new emerging illustrators to showcase? Their website has some really interesting contemporary work on it and included in each physical magazine is 5 printed pieces of wrapping paper featuring the designs of their featured illustrators! i think this a really fun novel idea and might be a good way to package mailers to send out!

http://wrapmagazine.tumblr.com/ this is their blog, where they update daily with new emerging work and their products 🙂

10313534_658914857523479_8359690264565509806_n tumblr_ncb8n8idrU1r083yjo2_500 tumblr_ne5ve0xQTX1r083yjo1_500 tumblr_neu249lKIO1r083yjo1_500 tumblr_nex1djIJQo1r20kmpo1_500 tumblr_nf8bbw9tUG1r083yjo2_500 tumblr_ngs48tVSCu1r083yjo1_500 tumblr_nguh8397go1r083yjo1_500 tumblr_ngvq1ey0lk1r083yjo1_500 tumblr_nibkj4sih01r083yjo1_500 tumblr_nguh8397go1r083yjo1_500


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