This weeks tutorial has encouraged me to get some help on the photography front of my project to ensure that the compositions and 3D pieces are shown in the best way possible. I’ve also been recommended to look at an Artist called Le Gun and to speak to Nicolo about having a session to teach some proper photography skills and some studio practice.

It was also interesting to see the response to my imagery from my tutor and classmates, that perhaps i need to pare back my sets to just black and white ink illustrations as these are the most successful, but keep an element of magic because the story i’m illustrating- however modern and feminist i want to make it; it remains a fairytale and should be true to that magic.  One of the favorite images was a close up of a teapot on its side, from my alice in wonderland imagery which i was quite surprised about.

This week my goals are to arrange a photography session with Nicolo, create some images in the studio and more of my set pieces. Also i will look at Le Gun and attend “Pick me up-London” which is a graphic design and illustration event.



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