I have so far been creating expressive inky imagery to use within my illustrations, i had wondered whether a more refined drawing style would lend itself to this interpretation of the “12 dancing princesses” and to my illustrative style that is developing throughout this project. I created a small grassy scene using a fine liner and although i did not like the results i will consider it for future projects, perhaps those that require more detail? But i do much prefer the loose quality that pen/ brush and indian ink has to it, this is a bit sharper and more geometric in its nature.

10444598_10155642646335151_8224292481058648360_n 11114206_10155642641845151_9053259534410483988_n 11140379_10155642641000151_1231329667104668745_n 11147163_10155642644645151_6627593659194852973_n 11163200_10155642647565151_4170881435215869837_n 11214162_10155642643550151_7549564885693565699_n 11255740_10155642645385151_4271081223078254409_n 11263923_10155642642650151_3319080525116948019_n

here they are whilst being created, the geometric pattern was at first intended to be water but the sharpness of the shapes lends itself more to a path. but i do like the grassy aspects of this and edited one or two images to see the result:

experiment 1 experiment 2

they still arent what i am looking for in terms of this project, but the style is something i can revisit at a later date and see if it holds any promise or can be improved upon 🙂


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