The idea i had in the previous post was to create a more modern interpretation and abstract interpretation of the scene showing the princesses bedroom, with their 12 beds. I was originally going to construct the room itself, in an ornate manner but it may be these swirly ornate shapes that stop my work having that feminist edge i desire to achieve. So i have tried a more modern composition with straight more masculine lines that showed the 12 beds alone without context, which i think separates the princesses into separate people without showing 12 different faces, they instead have a range of beds with different headboards and pillows:

i took photos of the beds from different angles

13127_10155560774230151_7882726301766759342_n 13713_10155560780055151_593881446851679192_n 10929946_10155560775680151_4229177875984805927_n

I then edited them in photoshop:

bed7 bed1 bed11

After this i tried out different compositions and colour combinations as you will see below- i like the grayscale one the most- its understated and modern and this would be a new angle for a children’s book aimed at girls, it shows that the pink and the glitter is an unnecessary decoration and that ideas can still be communicated simply. The idea by separating the beds is that i am separating the princesses into actual individuals, instead of lumping them into a number of girls that is not easily distinguished from one another.

i quite like how this turned out and i will ask for some feedback from my tutor and peers to see whether they think this new idea is more interesting than the original set creation idea, but after creating the 3 Alice sets, i felt the need to try new directions that take me down a less kitschy route. Although i love being influenced by kitsch, i want to explore new creative challenges and horizons and this is what i am doing with this idea:

bedblue beds try 1  beds2 bedsblkwhtethis one is my favorite- the others are a bit too garish and tacky looking in bright colours, but by putting them in bright colours and turning them greyscale i got this great range of shades in the grey image 🙂


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