I am experimenting with the first scene, but i am leaning more and more towards my mono prints at the moment and these experiments will allow me to see if perhaps i am working in the wrong method for this particular project or perhaps if there is a new method i can use to improve my work.

i created 12 paper beds using ink, in a very loose style and using black and white because i want to use specifically gender neutral colours to promote ideas of feminism in this story. I enjoyed making them and the looked quite effective but when i went to try and arrange them in a basic white room set up- they didn’t look right, the shot was too long and narrow but the size of the beds prevented me from creating the set i had envisioned. So now i have had another idea about how to composition this scene, and a more abstract modern way of doing it because i am now worrying that the sets i’m trying to create are too safe and traditional, and maybe for my story to reflect truly feminist ideas i should get away from these “doll house like” sets that represent traditional female methods of play, and do a more modern composition . I will be creating this in my next blog post alog with a selection of quick drawings outlining the ideas.

19226_10155560608015151_4389697373959125127_n 1907640_10155560606405151_8329514897012333007_n 10338342_10155560604035151_7453683833853669617_n 10340167_10155560604795151_1890827001914338330_n 10603338_10155560605860151_6873143155711395193_n 10995807_10155560607360151_9004579746071082676_n  11053339_10155560604290151_1387103330469549859_n 11054440_10155560607905151_5929366512332876382_n 11059642_10155560607205151_7246430072640896967_n 11100231_10155560606765151_7139513541065890423_n  11118367_10155560608315151_4203066032088554870_n  11143339_10155560608625151_1824042869253560276_n 11146244_10155560607025151_7588861871676363369_n 11149247_10155560606595151_220885650057566243_n 11152694_10155560604975151_9223031718592107011_n 11156262_10155560605465151_1068695120663358018_n 11164653_10155560608895151_5798271897396818240_n 11165259_10155560604495151_2913077068644431210_n


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