Alice Bowsher is an illustrator in London who studied at Bath Spa University, she is relatively new on the scene and was recommened to me by  Jennie at the YCN as someone i could look at for inspiration. I really do like her work! the style is simple but very effective and her characters are endearing and modern, i also really like her bold ink lines that resemble the lines i have been developing in this project. She has created a range of work and has worked for many clients some of her most famous being:

  • Boden
  • Whitestuff
  • YCN
  • Penguin/Puffin books on a cover for the Wind in the Willows

She has also created some 3D work for a shop window that reminds me of the effects i have been trying to create in my installations, and now i am inspired by the simplicity of her work to try paring my own back a little to see how it looks, below is some of my favorite work of hers. I have also emailed her to ask her advice on how she started out and what sort of physical portfolio she has/sends to potential clients. As my work is approaching a similar style it will be interesting to see how she presents it.

_DSC7224 _DSC7335 _DSC7368 Dairyfarm_logo-copy_670 IMG_3383_670 IMG_9946 IMG-A_14305 AMB Exhibition Panel window_670


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