On the side of my fmp, i’ve been doing some personal work to keep my mind fresh with ideas and stop my FMP becoming stale, its again totally different because i like to try new subject matter and techniques and i’ve been experimenting this time with a little collection of images i like to call “Hidden Habitats” its responds to the realisation that habitats that animals rely on are changing due to human interferance, they are becoming blurred and obscured therefore obscuring the animals existence itself. I create imagery showing abstracted animals entwined within loose watercolour marks, obscuring theyre appearance in a beautiful way (hopefully)

below are the 3 images i have created so far:

bird deer rabbit 1

in photoshop i also experimented with adjusting the colours, and found the negative versions really interesting and i am now intrigued to try creating them with more flourescent colours and white ink.

negative bird inverted bunny inverted deer


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