In my essay i researched in great detail how children’s books could become more gender neutral in both their content and their appearance, i’d like to take on some of this knowledge to create illustrations within my FMP influenced by the idea of gender neutrality and feminist ideas being directed at a younger audience. during my research i had my eyes opened to the horrendous but very real stigma of “pink for girls, blue for boys” and since then i have been striving in my illustrations to avoid such stereotypical colour schemes. In my recent illustrations for the YCN panmacmillan brief, i went gender neutral and use black and white with pops of different, yet not gender specific colours and i really liked how they turned out (below)

rabbit hole mushroom 2 mushroom 1 final tea party

by using a colour scheme that doesn’t strictly appeal to only one gender, i am making the story of Alice in wonderland less feminine focused and more “wonderland” focused, which is what it should be, because the story would have not been all so different if Alice were “Alex” instead, the characters would be the same, because the story should be aimed at CHILDREN not a specific gender. But this use of black and white ink illustration combined with found objects, i think helps with the issue of gender stereotyping in children’s books, but i want to test this theory and try to make my next set of illustrations, for the “12 dancing princesses” more feminist in colour also, but making them suitable for all children regardless of gender.


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