In order to present myself as an illustrator thats open for business, i need a great online portfolio so i can sell myself & my work! I did initally create a simple WIX site but found it primitive and uncomfortable to use, and it being hosted by WIX doesn’t feel as professional as something like cargo collective, below is a screenshot of my first wix attempt:


I’ve looked at several platforms and for my first online portfolio i’ve decided to create a cargo-collective, it has been described as :

Cargo Collective is the ultimate portfolio site builder available now. After choosing one of the more than 30 templates, you can use the Cargo content management system to further customize your site and control how exactly everything will be displayed. For this you’ll need a bit of HTML and CSS knowledge, but if you don’t know a lick of programming, the service will still serve you well. Other cool features include the ability to run fully configurable image slideshows, cloud-based image storage so you don’t have to upload your stuff elsewhere, and built-in audio and video players—no more YouTube or Vimeo videos on your site.

Cargo collective is easy to build a portfolio on, which looks professional and can be easily circulated around other professionals who also use cargo collective, it also has the feature of being able to use HTML to programme your own layouts which is good for making it less generic in appearance. Though i really like some of the templates available and they look professional, i intend to have my own website with my own domain hosted by an external server but this is excellent practice and free to use!

below are some screen shots of the cargo collective i have been creating, i am being very selective about the work i will use though because i only want to reflect my recent work, where it is heading now which is very different from my fine art background. It’s like any physical portfolio, i’d rather show only my favorite and most recent work,as opposed to dated things in order to just fill the page:


cargo collecctive cargo cargo3 cargo4


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