This week Sam, Domenika and myself visited the Royal College of Art to view an exhibition called “Curating Contemporary Art” I suggested this on our group facebook page, because our own exhibition will be taking place in June 15th and curating is just as important as the work on display, and it was interesting to see whats up and coming in terms of curating. This was to give us inspiration and ideas for how to make our own exhibition of 3rd year illustration work really stand out.

There were 4 exhibitions encompassed in the RCA Curated by students on the Curating Contemporary Art MA programme and they have decided to represent a collection of artists, writers and theatre designers ( interesting to me especially as i am dabbling in 3D set design as a form of illustration) from Europe, Asia, Australasia and America. The themes they have chosen to represent involve cybernetic’s, language and globalisation  and also speculative fiction ( fiction with supernatural or futuristic elements).

11070083_10155479686405151_5390676107942149025_n 1507173_10155479686575151_3909522060479416840_n (1)

The first exhibition we saw was called :

Whose Game is it?

This exhibition was based around social/ political questions and challenged ideas of globalisation, i really liked the images drawn upon the walls in what looked like marker because the messages they were sending were very witty and interesting politically. The exhibition asked the audience to reflect on serious questions in a playful way, above is a tennis table shaped like a donut and the artist took it outside into london to observe the publics reaction- would they join in? I was unsure of whether we were allowed to interact with this piece, but it would have been fun!

Artists include: Dan Perjovschi (RO), Lia Perjovschi (RO), Tintin Wulia (ID/AU), Lee Wen (SG), Han Ishu(CN/JP) and Raqs Media Collective (IN).

Black Box Formula

Black Box Formula is an exhibition of new work by contemporary artists reflecting on the nature of the Black Box, a concept used in technology and social sciences. Artists employ prosthetics, networks and post-human thinking in works displayed in an installation evocative of the Black Box process. Artists include: Zach Blas (US), Harry Sanderson (UK), Lawrence Lek (UK) Hyungkoo Lee(KR) and Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries (US/KR).

Echo Chamber

Echo Chamber is a new commission by acclaimed theatre designer Chloe Lamford, currently Royal Court Theatre Associate Artist. The project is a unique collaboration with Lamford, reframing relationships between contemporary art and theatre. The audience is invited into a dystopic future world, a theatrical set where a programme of artists’ interventions, performances and screenings unfold over the course of the exhibition. Artists include: Chloe Lamford (UK), The ARKA Group(UK), Bedwyr Williams (UK), Graeme Thomson & Silvia Maglioni (FR), Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet (FR), Mark Aerial Waller (UK) and the editors of Living in the Future (UK).

statement house (temporary title)

An ambitious commission, statement house (temporary title) by French artist Jean-Pascal Flavien continues his international series of houses for living, resting and working. Located outside the RCA’s main entrance, the site-specific structure will host writers engaged in ‘writing the house’. statement house (temporary title) is the artist’s first commission in the UK and will run until 3 May.


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