As i haven’t adapted a story before, i am going to try writing my own versions a few times and send them to others to get feedback, to see what works and what doesn’t. I am trying to create a feminist view on the original story, but still light hearted with lots of fun elements that children will enjoy, and maybe adults too. Below is my first draft idea, its very rough and just a concept but i enjoyed writing it, but trying to keep the word count down was difficult!

The 12 Dancing princesses:

There were once 12 sisters, they were princesses actually and they all shared a room in the Kings castle (strange considering it was not a very small castle). Now these girls were lovely and kind, yet every morning the king found them tired and with many holes in their shoes?! He could not understand how this happened and his bill with the shoemaker was reaching new heights every morning. Therefore he decided to get to the bottom of it, instead of asking his daughters how they wore out their shoes though, he offered a deal to any man in the land, who could discover their secret.  The deal was that if he were to discover within 3 nights of staying in the palace, how the princesses ruined their shoes each night, then he could choose one as his bride and eventually become king himself. Now the sisters were displeased with this deal, because actually how they ruined their shoes each night was by going to an underground kingdom and dancing in a grand ballroom, and none of them were in any rush to marry or give up the fun they were having. So they hatched a plan, the king each night let the men stay in the chamber attached to their bedroom so that he could check on the princesses ( who were locked in) throughout the night and see what they did. But the girls were clever, and gave the men hot drinks laced with sleeping potions so that when morning came, the men found they had slept through and not seen anything. Many dozens of men failed to find out the princesses secret and were asked to leave the palace, but one was craftier than the girls had expected, well actually the old lady he met on the way to the palace was craftier. He was a farmer looking for a ticket to the high life in the palace, and whilst walking there an old lady asked him to help carry her shopping, he obliged and in return she gave him a cloak that made him invisible so he could follow the princesses undetected and warned him not to drink anything the girls gave him. He thanked her and followed her advice. The first night in the palace, he poured the drink into a plant pot when the youngest sister wasn’t looking, then he put on the cloak and was surprised to discover the girls opened a door behind a mirror, and went down a long flight of stairs. He was very quiet the first night and remained undetected. As they went down the stairs, girls visibly excited for the night ahead and dressed up in their best shoes and gowns they came to a clearing filled with sparkling trees of gold, silver and jewels.  He followed as they danced through the trees until coming to a magnificent lake, where sat 12 little boats with a lantern on each. The princesses each entered one and rowed themselves across, the man snuck into one of their boats but felt bad for the girl rowing as he made it much heavier. Across the other side of the lake was a beautiful domed building, with loud music blaring and twinkling lights illuminating it. The princesses got out of the boats and joined with what appeared to be girls from all across the land, coming together to dance and enjoy each other’s company. The man watched and had some cake and drink sneakily, he thought there was nothing wrong with what the princesses were doing and that he would quite like to join the party also. The second and third night followed, the man sneakily took a few things from the underground world like golden branches and jewelled leaves to prove himself to the king but on the third night though the girls had realised that the man was pouring his drinks into the now dead pot plant and was somehow following them to the parties. But unlike princesses of old, these princesses did not despair over their secret being revealed but instead uncloaked the man during the 3rd party, and said he was welcome to stay and enjoy the food and music. He was very surprised by this, and quite happy to be able to enjoy himself instead of toiling on his farm. The next morning however the king came to ask the man what he had found out, and the girls instead of waiting for the man to out them, told the king themselves. They had been going to parties at night, with their friends and whilst the King was annoyed at first, they struck a new deal that worked for both of them. Aslong as the princesses agreed to come home a bit earlier on school nights and wear less fancy shoes, they could carry on seeing their friends and enjoying their parties. And as a reward to the man, who clearly wasn’t marrying a princess or becoming king after that, they instead said he could come to the parties and enjoy nice food and drink too.  So the 12 dancing princesses, danced on and enjoyed themselves, but perhaps a bit more responsibly until they had jobs and could pay for their own nice shoes and the man who originally came for a different reward, got a much more fun one. He made 12 new friends who helped him learn to enjoy himself without wealth or power, and he appreciated that much more.


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