with my first adaptation of the story i created a rough book with the pages planned out, this will help me work out image to content and where abouts to put full bleed images and how many as well as if i’d like to use vignettes (smaller close up images) aswell. Its a very rough book but this will make it easier to change and play around with, it starts on page 5 because its a standard 32 page book, in which only 12 double pages are for story telling and the others come under where you put copywrites, acknowledgements and the cover/ blurb

here are scans of the book, though i will use this for reference purposes i will make another one, either digitally or just more neatly as my version of the story changes and what illustrations i create end up being used:

11110273_10155619085815151_530102271042349497_n 11141169_10155619086095151_2299197080662988418_n 11148634_10155619086155151_4494228391930031453_n (1) 11182145_10155619085565151_8748575477473993838_n 11193343_10155619086040151_5264782954577484694_n 11206016_10155619086545151_1438296783506372869_n 11206938_10155619085345151_8690306590543030401_n 11215850_10155619086730151_7241132734369295369_n 11218493_10155619085670151_8263566842483631352_n 11229555_10155619086635151_7511260314355020729_n


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