In order for me to adapt the classic Grimms fairytale “The 12 dancing princesses” to reflect more modern feminst ideas, i look to inspiration from a story i looked at during my essay research called “Pearl Power” by Mel Elliot, who spreads messages of feminism but in a non aggressive manner.

When i first considered changing this story, i was inspired by more brutal ideas of feminism displayed in stories by Angela Carter but now i see , if i am to aim this at children or adults i need to avoid being so harsh and appeal for change through equality rather than one gender winning over another.

Some things i would like to change at first thought are:

the ending, where the soldier marries a princess and becomes king and somehow the princess is magically in love with him after that and forgets all about her days dancing. This is unrealistic and stereotypical, i want to change it so the princess still has that element of fun, and the man has no control over this aspect

the scene where the princesses laugh about how the men are getting killed after not finding out their secrets- women are not evil and should not be displayed in this manner, this element of the story is too harsh and must be toned down.

the lack of humour in the story, if this is modern day it needs some elements of fun and laughter

the kings absolute power over the princesses, he should be represented as a father- if albeit slightly a struggling one, but not represented as their owner

the princesses meeting princes underground, this i will remove because they do not need to meet the princes to have a good time, instead they will enjoy the company of other women and friends and eachother


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