In group tutorials Rachel suggested i look at an artist named Tord Boontje, who creates whimsical and fantastical products such as the Garland light for habitat, whilst he creates interior design products he has also created a range of stunning installations. Whilst browsing his website for inspiration i came across an installation called “winter wonderland”  which is described as “a demonstration of the emotional quality of crystal, we created a landscape in which the visitors are taken on a fantasy journey. References to fairytales, story telling, history and adventures invite personal interpretation and dreams.” This one particularly caught my eye, because of its story telling nature and the intricate yet delicate pieces involved in its construction. The pieces are delicate and a combination of paper and some crystal elements, and whilst they are delicate they also obscure the scene in some areas and create an atmosphere of mystery. Below are some images of this installation, i am now considering also the effects of colour in my work, although this installation is completely in white i think it gives more of an otherworldly and surreal feel than it would in colour, and now i am considering whether colour actually adds to my scenes or distracts from them and i will experiment with one colour sets in my 12 dancing princess’s installations to see whether this holds any truth over my work.

I found his way of creating to be refreshing- so often now modern art means minimalism and its not something i ever strive for within my own work, which can leave me wondering if i will ever create something that will be appreciated now, yet Tord’s mantra for creation mirrors my own feelings on this and if he can create beautiful installations that are jam packed yet still contemporary- then it gives me the confidence to try the same. It’s all well and good to pare down your ideas to reflect modern ideas of starkness and minimalism- but if you want to create something image heavy and detail heavy it shouldn’t be scorned:

This sensorial experience made the statement that design can be married with emotion. It established that the Studio’s work draws from a belief that modernism does not mean minimalism, that contemporary does not forsake tradition, and that technology does not abandon people and senses.

i also like the way his piece has been photographed, by taking them from unusual angles and perspectives it makes the world feel more alive and real than just a head on photograph, it immerses you in the atmosphere rather than viewing it from a distance and i will try this in my experimentation’s.

10 15_jpg_472x1200_q85 17_jpg_968x1200_q85 20_jpg_968x1200_q85


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