The more i looked at my experimental monoprints, the more i found i was liking the style and textures within them so as a quick experiment i wanted to see how they would look properly centered and digitally enhanced as singular illustrations themselves, i played around with removing sections and sharpening/ loosening certain lines and came up with the 10 images below, i most like the one featuring the man emptying his drink into the plant pot. I realise they are very clear images but this is one of the interesting features of them, all along images relating to fairytales created for children have been very clean cut images and simple lines and colours, these contrast that by giving a more edgy feel to the story.

I think i will show these to my classmate and upload them to social media to see the reaction to them, i am still going to create my 3D interpretations but these are an interesting side project that could develop into something or just remain a fun method of experimental design

white2 white3 white4 white5 white6 white7 white8 white9 white10

i also tried 2 with a grey background- but found the image blended into it as opposed to standing out:

12 2 too many shoes


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