Today we had a group tutorial to show whats currently happening in our FMP’s šŸ™‚ i prefer group tutorials because i think its good to bounce ideas off of eachother, this tutorial i showed my drawn designs for the alice in wonderland installations i am creating, and some of the laser cut pieces that have been made. I would’ve liked to show some photographs of built sets by this stage but the laser cut parts of my composition were not yet ready. During this tutorial i received some excellent ideas from Rachel and my peers:

  • rachel liked the paper cut tree roots and suggested perhaps an entirely papercut scene would be an interesting route of experimentation- i like this idea, but as the alice in wonderland YCN deadline is close i shall save this idea for my 12 dancing princess’s scenes šŸ™‚ but i do like the idea of a pure white papercut scene, with perhaps one prominent feature or found object drawing focus?
  • Also she suggested trying the scenes with just found objects as a method of experimentation, i will try this tomorrow when i have hired out a camera, to see whether my own designed pieces add to the scenes or overcrowd them- though i would quite like to use them as i feel they add a surreal feel to the installations
  • the suggestion of using more antique looking and rustic props, as opposed to kitsch ones to avoid being tacky- whilst i understand the viewpoint on this advice, kitsch has been an influence of my work for many years and whilst i will try experimenting with toning it down i rather enjoy that unexpected gaudy element
  • when creating the second set of illustrations; for the 12 dancing princesses- perhaps 6 full bleed illustrations could be accompanied by smaller close ups of objects, archiving and smaller illustrations to add to the atmosphere like the the book i showed today with Su Blackwell illustrations – I REALLY LIKE THIS SUGGESTION šŸ™‚ vignettes they are called!
  • Look at Tord Boontjie- interesting
  • aim for all practical work to be compete by May 5th! (not very far away!) must get a move on if using laser cut pieces!

My aims for after easter are as follows:

have all alice in wonderland illustrations shot, edited and printed

do lots of lighting experiments

have begun my dummy book and editing the storyline of the 12 Dancing princesses to reflect some feminist ideas

below is a scan of my tutorial sheet:



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